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Walking on an unfamiliar path . . . 

Every part of this transplant journey has been an unfamiliar path, many times a frightening and challenging path. Just a few weeks ago, this unfamiliar path took me me to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, where I received a kidney transplant on November 12, 2019. My selfless donor was a lovely woman from the Rochester, Minnesota area who had her surgery on the same day at the Mother Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Her name is Corita. I honor her and so appreciate her gift, and the best news is that Corita and I are corresponding via email.

The transplant journey continues . . .

In Corita's last message, she asked me a great question: "Is my kidney behaving for you?" It was my joy to tell her that our kidney was behaving very well, beginning to function the moment the surgeon opened all the "valves!" Please pray for a speedy recovery for Corita and for my long time friend, Greg, the very first person to want to donate a kidney for me. That may sound confusing so I'll clear it up a little. Greg and I did not match, so we went into a paired exchange program where Greg's kidney would go to someone who was a match for him, and I would go to the top of the list in receiving a kidney from someone who matched me. Greg's surgery was at Mayo on December 19 and he. is recovering well, though somewhat fatigued at times. Please pray for his recovery in terms of the stamina and energy he needs.

Looking back . . . 

The sudden diagnosis in 2014 of end stage renal disease changed my life completely. In so many ways, this illness has been an unpredictable journey of rough roads at times, smooth paths at other times, and a lot of waiting along the way.

That memorable year, 2014, was a time of great fear and uncertainty. I spent more than 50 days in the hospital or rehabilitation institute that year, and found myself fighting life-threatening sepsis on several occasions. Those were times when I literally came close to death. When I came out of the crisis, I did not even know my husband. I was unable to walk, write, or name my colors. For a writer and an artist, that was an enormous loss.

The many weeks of rehabilitation were difficult, but I am grateful for the physical and occupational therapists who helped me regain all of my abilities. Soon I was settled into a routine that included eight hours of dialysis every day. I adjusted to that quickly and began getting stronger, strong enough apparently to be placed on the transplant list to receive a kidney.

Gratefulness . . .

In five years of waiting for a kidney transplant, I have been humbled to receive the encouragement of so many friends, family members and wonderful medical caregivers. I am very fortunate that my circle of friends extends to many U.S. states and across the globe. For all the prayers and positive thoughts you have sent me, Fred and I are truly grateful.

Transplantation can be overwhelming in many ways. The Georgia Transplant Foundation has encouraged my family to plan ahead for some of the uncovered and unforeseeable costs. Through my involvement with the Georgia Transplant Foundation, I am eligible to receive matched funds up to $10,000 for every dollar that I raise, which can be used for my post-transplant care, which includes transportation and lodging expenses for my frequent trips back to Mayo Clinic.

I truly appreciate the financial support that many of you have offered already. This $10,000 match is a wonderful opportunity to maximize your gift. We are very close to meeting our $10,000 goal.

You can make an online contribution by clicking the “Support Kathy” button.

Or you can mail checks to:

Georgia Transplant Foundation, 2201 Macy Drive, Roswell, GA 30076.

Be sure to enter my name in the memo field of your check.

(Please note that the webpage does not view correctly on a mobile phone and may not give you a “Support Kathy” button. Please use a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet.)


Braver and Stronger . . . 

There is no doubt that I felt fear about having a transplant, and I am facing fear in the journey of post transplant recovery, restrictions and even the possibility of rejecting my kidney. The many, potent anti-rejection medications are also frightening to me knowing the many adverse reactions they present for my body. But my heart is braver and my faith is stronger because so many of you have graced me with your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so very much for holding me in the light. I will keep you updated along the way.

Blessings to you,





Rev. Kathy . . . Whatever name you call me! 




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Just a part of my journey . . .
Writing this first blog post feels very much like the beginning of a new journey. Or maybe just a fork in the road on my journey of many years. The thought of a kidney transplant is very frightening. So I step onto this fork in the road only because I know that many of you will walk this path with me and, most of all, because I know that God has set my path and is near as I move forward.
Today in Macon is a day of bright sunlight, blue skies and gentle breezes. Life cannot always bring blue skies and gentle breezes. Sometimes we must endure gale-force winds that disrupt the journey. But the God who walks beside us has the power to calm the most ominous storms we face. Thanks be to God.
And thank you for being willing to take this journey toward a kidney transplant with me. Your presence minimizes my fear, increases my resolve, encourages me to be brave.
Maybe, just maybe, on this part of the journey, I will enjoy nothing but bright sunlight, blue skies and gentle breezes!

by Kalliope Findley on Fri, Apr 26, 2019 @ 12:39 PM

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