Welcome to Shirley Norris's Personal Page

Hi! My name is Shirley Norris and I am a mother to three wonderful children and grandmother to seven amazing kids. Unfortunately, I am also awaiting a liver transplant. 

I have battled with back injuries for over 40 years, which included 21 corrective surgeries. My pain management included long term use        of medications which contained Tylenol. This long term use damaged my liver.  After years of trying to manage my back and hip pain, I   found myself locked in my hardest battle yet. First, I was diagnosed with Liver Disease, then shortly after, Acute Liver Diseases. 

In May 2019, I was placed on the Georgia Transplant list. It has been an incredibly emotional time, but thankfully I have a great support system via my family, friends, and church community. Now I must begin planning for future and I need your support! 

Through my involvement with GTF, I may be eligible to receive matched funds up to $10,000 for every dollar that I raise, which can be used for my post-transplant related costs.  

Transplantation can be an overwhelming situation and patients are encouraged to plan ahead for some of the uncovered and unforeseeable costs. GTF thanks you for your support of my endeavor to assume self-responsibility for my medical needs through fundraising.

FACT: The cost of immunosuppressive medications typically ranges from $20,600 to $32,900 per year and even with insurance, medicine co-pays can be unaffordable. Fundraising is a matter of life and death for some transplant candidates, and a matter of quality of life for others. 

To donate to my campaign, please click the Support button or mail checks to the: Georgia Transplant Foundation, 2201 Macy Drive, Roswell, GA 30076, and enter my name in the memo field of your check.  For more information please contact the Transplant Fundraising Program at 1-866-428-9411 or 770-457-3796 or by visiting www.gatransplant.org. Thank you!                                                                                                                                  






 Shirley Norris is a church member of Mount Salem who has donated her time and resources over the past years. She has been a part of Children’s Church and Easter Egg Hunts; donated items for Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes and created the Community Baskets for shut-ins and others. She has stepped away from active participation due to health    issues and has recently been approved for a liver transplant.


Over the next few months, we want to shower her with the same devotion she has shown to Mount Salem. In the pews you will find “Shower Shirley” envelopes. You can donate funds to help pay for expenses or send prayers and well wishes. You can also bring in aluminum cans that will be recycled for additional funds.


Let’s SHOWER SHIRLEY with the same devotion that she has given Mount Salem!