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Family and Friends:

As we prepare for Michael's kidney transplant, we must also prepare for the financially overwhelming post-transplant related costs. We understand that organ donation is not for everyone. Michael has been encouraged to start early, and this is where EVERYONE can HELP.

Michael is a client of Georgia Transplant Foundation’s (GTF) Transplant Fundraising Program (TFP) and we are fundraising for costs related to his solid organ transplant that will not be covered by my current insurance plan. 

Through Michael's involvement with GTF, he may be eligible to receive matched funds up to $10,000 for every dollar that we raise, which can be used for my post-transplant related costs.  

Transplantation can be an overwhelming situation and patients are encouraged to plan ahead for some of the uncovered and unforeseeable costs. GTF thanks you for your support of Michael's endeavor to assume self-responsibility for his medical needs through fundraising.

FACT: The cost of immunosuppressive medications typically ranges from $20,600 to $32,900 per year and even with insurance, medicine co-pays can be unaffordable. Fundraising is a matter of life and death for some transplant candidates, and a matter of quality of life for others. 

To donate to my campaign, please click the Support button or mail checks to the: Georgia Transplant Foundation, 2201 Macy Drive, Roswell, GA 30076, and enter my name (Michael Knowles) in the memo field of your check.  For more information please contact the Transplant Fundraising Program at 1-866-428-9411 or 770-457-3796 or by visiting www.gatransplant.org.

We are sincerely grateful in advance for your help in reaching our goal and allowing us to obtain the additional matching funds.

Thank You!

Michael (Bianca) Knowles